My blog: some background info

Before I continue with my writings on this blog, I want my future readers to get a clearer understanding of what is to come…


In short, my work will be mostly in the fiction genre until further notice, although my freestyle will likely be truthful and touch on my own experiences. In fact, the peice that I wrote last night was a true sort-of story about meeting my husband. Speaking on truth… While the work I will be doing here is indeed completely fictional, I can’t say without a shaddow of a doubt that they won’t be based on real people and events.

Blog Goals

  1. I have a lot of small goals for this blog which I will be working on straightening out and clarifying for myself — other than to simply “get inspired.” One of those small goals is already realized: to create a way for people on this site to contact me directly. Just in case anyone, for future reference, has any questions, comments, concerns, etc. that they wish to keep private, I want them to have a way to actually do that. Of any and all experienced bloggers reading this: do you have any suggestions on how I should go about that? This will be a more long term goal, being as there aren’t many readers following my blog as of yet, but I’d still like some early-on ideas to contemplate.
  2. The bigger-picture goal for this blog? At this time, I’m not entirely sure.  I am hopeful towards the future. All things are possible. I suppose that in the meantime, I’m seeking identity, purpose, and a sense of belonging, as a writer as well as a person. Anyone willing to follow me on this journey will be the key to that. So I thank you. 🙏

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