The Down-and-out Prayer… Yes, on Thanksgiving night

So much pain…

So much anger…

I get so tired of all the hate,

The anger and rage.

It’s all over the place,

All over this family, and all over the range.

I just wanted to have a good day with you — Time spent away hurts me to the core.

But if all we’re doing is fighting these days, then I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve been trying to look out for my sister’s well being.

Guess we can’t have that, though, not even on Thanksgiving.

Soon as she don’t get her way,

She off and runs away.

It’s been one hell of a day.

Now in the aftermath…

We’re arguing over the how’s and why’s of a sister/daughter being gone.

We can’t talk about it, can’t discuss it, it’s all “I’m right” never “I’m wrong.”

What the fuck we gonna accomplish just by yelling all the time?
If I’m just sitting by myself writing bout my feelings and makin rhymes?

No encouragement, no role models, only drama and bad habits.

We bottle all our shit up until that bottle can take no more, then we explode.

This place is no longer a home, it’s gonna implode.

I can’t be the only one trying, I’m just spinning my wheels.

Expressing frustrations that are getting ignored is a really shitty deal.

I got out, escaped this life, did the only thing I could.

I married so well, he makes me better, and I know that I’m good.

Oh, God, please, tell me what you need for me to say, or to do.

I want to please You, go be happy, but I wanna fix my family too.

I need your help, Lord, ’cause every day’s a struggle whether I’m here or not

Always worried about my loved ones

Crying, cursing, and sometimes praying a lot.

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