First of all, you’ll notice if you haven’t already that this blog has changed its name… I will explain the reason for my changing it in a minute. First off, I apologize for last week. I have not posted anything writing-material wise, I have not really visited your guys’s blogs as was previously promised I would do frequently, and basically I have not been on this site a lot at all. I hope to change that by reorganizing my time and priorities. It’s ging to be a double-chapter day, on this glorious Sunday, as I catch up on ‘Til The Death of Me.’ I am not, however, going to just be posting fiction works and poetry from now on. Keep reading to find out what new material is to come. 

Announcement # 1: My first announcement is rather a confession: This is not my first blog on this site. Originally, I co-owned a blog 2 years ago. Then that person and I split up, and following that I created a blog called Denae’s Pieces

The White Mountains (45)

Caption: This is one of my photos from Denae’s Pieces blog. 

Over a year ago, I stopped posting on that blog for good, and forgot the password and email to it on purpose. I did that so that even f I wanted to, I could never return to it. The reason why is personal reasons, which I regretfully shared in journal posts on the original. What I should have done was take the blog down but somehow at the time, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I know I had said previosly that the events written about were based on real events, with the names changed to protect identities. I lied, however, for everything in the journals  and then some  is real — names and all — with the exception of my hypothetical scenario. If you would like to look into that personal story, and learn some more personal info on me, you can refer back to the original blog and read the work that is there. I will NOT, however, answer any requests to update that story, or any questions related to what happened: That includes questions on why, how, if it turned out to be the truth, what we now know for sure, etc. Just telling you that now.  NOW, if down the road, you would like me to show other personal stuff on this blog, I will do so, IF there is popular demand for it… To be honest, I don’t see that happening, though.

Anyhow, since coming back to this site, I’ve often thought back on my first solo blog, trying to decide on what to do. Now that it’s been about a month, I have finally come down to my final decision: I have re-created the blog, by renaming and reshaping this one — Hence, why it is now called “Denae’s Pieces 2.0.” I often become tempted to write about all sorts of things, depending on the day and my mood, and where my interests lead me. I also don’t believe that as any type of writer we should prevent ourselves from broadening our horizons — for that creates growth. Lately, the urge to write on more nonfiction subjects in particular has been burning inside of me, and I haven’t been able to tame the fire. These nonfiction subjects I am assuming will include pieces that reflect my personal thoughts and beliefs. I will NOT be writing anything that is politically charged, or purely argumentative. I want this blog to be an escape from that world. Also, I will be spending time today collecting work from my first blog to continue on  and/or re-work and post the revised versions of.  With that in mind, I began mentally planning how I can put everything — all my passions, interests, and goals for writing — into one blog, while keeping it creative and interesting for my readers. I have updated my bio as well as my tagline accordingly, so I will refer you to those if you need a better breakdown on what this blog is all about. Check Them Out Here! I am excited for this new adventure ahead! 🙂


Announcement #2: Thank you to my followers! 10 was my goal by the end of my very first month with this page, and I just hit that goal today! I’d like to shoutout my 10th follower Sadje and The Haunted Wordsmith  for the shoutout post that got me to my first milestone. Things are going great and I appreciate you guys for making that possible. As a way of showing my thanks, I will be making a post sometime between today and tomorrow shouting out your blogs. I will name one good thing about each blog that will hopefully encourage more followers. Stay tuned for that and much more!



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