Follower Appreciation Post: Thanks to my First 10

It was just yesterday that my followers grew from 10 to 16 — the most gained followers in one day this blog has ever seen. I’m almost tied with the amount of followers on my original blog. And it’s all because of you guys!!! I appreciate all of you more than I can express!! However, since I still need time to get to know the latest 6 bloggers , this one is for my first 10 followers. As promised, here is y’all’s post: 

!BIG shoutout to the following 10 bloggers! 

GO FOLLOW THEM if you have not done so already.

Why? Well, I’m glad you asked…


Scherezade Ozwulo  


Not-so-modern girl

Salted Caramel

The Haunted Wordsmith

Lance Sheridan

Natalie Swift

Mws R Writings




Scherezade Ozwulo: “The Introverted Christian,” this blogger was one of the very first people I met on this site. She is very kind and easy to chat with on any given day. More than that, her blog is very relatable: Almost every post is riddled with anecdotes of her own life experiences, with some fun emojis sprinkled on top. Her work has been catching readers’ attention while leaving behind something to ponder. Check out Learning Scherezade: Patience is My Virtue or My Hinderance?

BY THE LEFT HAND: A left-handed, Christian poet, this blogger is interesting. I loved reading Jesus Saved Me . He doesn’t post every single day, but when he does, the ending product is brilliantly passionate. If you are of faith and you enjoy good poetry, keep your eye out for Brett!

Not-so-modern girl: If the “Feminist Friday” posts are any indication, I coud make a guess as to the central theme of this blog. I can also see how many in the feminist crowd could be drawn to this site. One does not, however, have to be a part of this movement in order to thoroughly enjoy this site. That’s what makes it special, in my humble opinion. Whatever her name, this non-modern girl’s blog has hit some serious milestones — 500 followers, if I’m not mistaken — and therefore has definitely earned a reputation as a truly respectable site (and I’m not just kissing up!) I personally like her reviews of certain movies and books. They are entertaining pieces that show her charm as well as her wit as a writer. I’ve also seen her make tag-related posts inviting readers to share their thoughts and experiences — one of which I participated in. (Check out Does Location Have An Effect On Your Reading Experience?) She’s definitely fun to read up on — and very friendly!

Salted Caramel: I love a blog with a clever title — Who doesn’t?! Not only that, though, I love one that really sums up what the blog as a whole is truly about. “Salted Caramel” is definitely an example of such a blog. A mixture of salty and sweet moods, as the author once explained,  it contains content on everything from food, to ponderous questions about life, to open-ended excerpts. One of the open-ended excerpts is of the continue-the-story variety, and I enjoyed creating my version of how the story would end up. Check It Out Here!

The Haunted Wordsmith: This blog owner’s name is Teresa and she is very supportive of fellow bloggers. Well known to many in the WordPress world, she is on this site almost every single day. While here, she frequetly makes posts that engage fellow writers. Either she is challenging us all to expand our minds, or she is giving us the ecouragement we might need to keep going. One useful thing to remember about people: You never know if all they need is a little push to get them unstuck! Rather than recommending just one piece for this blog, since there are just so many on so many different subjects, I implore you to do a bit of binge-reading on the site as a whole. I have a feeling you won’t regret it!

Lance Sheridan: Another beautiful poet, Lance takes me to another place every time I  read one of his wonderful poems. Check out two of his more recent ones: Chances  and And the river emptied and silver stream awoke  . The latter poem creates a world in which “water knelt to pray…” How does one come up with such creative imagery?? Amazing!

Natalie Swift: Aside from cool cover art, “The Midnight Ember” offers short and grabbing titles —  hooks, rather, that grab readers and pull them in. When reading further, Swift seems an up-and-coming master of ceativity. Through her creations, she seems to be sending messages to her readers. The Heart of A Crowd  was a complex read, for example, one that at first left me confused, wondering if it was about longing for solitude or imntimacy. Having just read it again tonight, I have come to the conclusion that it must be ambiguous — It is both longing for intimacy and isolation at the same time. Which, if that’s the case, is very fascinating… At any rate, it was wonderfully written. Fall To Power and  I Was Here are highly recommended reads, with several hundred likes earned on each.

Mws R Writings: This person and I actually connected recently over a 30_Day Song challege post. She found a post about it on my blog and continued the chain. (Credit: The Haunted Wordsmith) When paying it a visit, the first thing I noticed about the blog itself is it’s moving artwok — the twinkling Christmas lights and the black cats with big, blinking eyes. It’s very cute! Although, I’m proably about to upset a lot of people by admitting that I do not like cats very much. Sorry but not sorry! I have my reasons… Anyway, sharing with the intent of helping others seems to be the driving purpose for this “mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, etc” and why she maintains a blog on this website. For more information on that and to see more of her holiday-themed images, Click here.

Nova: Nova is another person who continued the 30-Day Song Challenge chain… I unfortunately haven’t had a lot of time to check out her blog and find out more about her. But I will do so soon!

Sadje: My tenth follower, Sadje a.k.a. “Keep It Alive” is a friendly-stranger who I believe also joined the 30-Day song challenge. Like the other two, I have yet to read her content — However, I did notice TWO BABY PIGGIES on one of her recent posts!!!! Baby pigs are my weakness so for that I already luv her lol On a more serious note, she does seem like a good person to look to for encouragement. To quote her in a recent conversation we had: “I hope that your blog goes as you envisioned it. It is important to write what you believe in. You will get satisfaction from that.” Thank you for the kind and wise words, Sadje!

Other than that, for me, it’s time to check out. With it being late on the West Coast, and the fact that I unfortunately have a day job to attend in the morning, I need as much beauty rest as I can get at this point…

Chapter 3 of ‘Til The Death of Me is just going to have to wait until tomorrow. I did my best to get it in, but as you can tell, time just keeps running out on me. I haven’t even had time to look in at my notifications yet! Oh well, I guess.

Good night from Az,



7 thoughts on “Follower Appreciation Post: Thanks to my First 10

  1. Thanks for including me in this list .
    I am so glad that you liked the name of my blog and the reason behind it.
    I look forward to reading more of your work.
    The first milestone is the most difficult to achieve and you have done it with 10 followers.
    Good luck.
    I have a feeling your blog will go far.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done Denae!
    It’s exciting to see your numbers growing. There are a lovely group of bloggers already following you. They are a super nice and supportive team that are worth keeping the connections with.
    I hope you enjoy blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

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