Relaxation Wednesday

22-dark-ink-relax-handwritingEvery now and then, we writers run into a slump. I am experiencing that right now. It started last week, when I fell behind on the story I’m writing for this blog. Now still behind, I have become discoraged enough to want to get caught up, yet maybe too discouraged, because with each passing day I lack the motivation, drive, whathaveyou to do so. I think at this point there are a couple factors at play for why I lack the energy and motivation to write: Working eight hours a day, on the cumputer, no less, has a way of draining the brain. Relaxing after work is all too tempting —  especially while sipping on egg nog and enjoying Janis Joplin tunes — and during this time of year, three hours can really fly by! That’s what happened last night, hence why my next chapter of ”Til The Death of Me’ still isn’t complete. Also, I’m constantly thinking about this blog, even when I’m not on it, which I suspect is causing unneccessary stress. Ever since I fell behind on the story, I’ve been worrying myself all day at work, trying to plan out my evenings mentally and give myself a silent pep talk: “You will post 2 chapters today! You promised your followers!” As a result, my brain has gone kaput every time as soon as I sit down with my laptop.


Reduce Stress Writing Words Marker Relax 3d Illustration

When we stress out over something, over a long period of time — say hours or days — it can effect us negatively in several ways but one thing it also does is stunt productivity. How will I combat that? Simple. I am going to take my mind off of the single thing that is stressing me out at the moment: writing. For one night, I am going to let go of the worrysome feeling that if I don’t start posting new content every single day, I will somehow fall short of the potential to be a great blogger. That is why I will not be posting any new writing content, or working on anything writing related. However, I still have the burning desire to be productive, so I will be filling my inspiration tank (which has to be pretty much empty) by reading: blogs, books, etc. I might share something if I find it useful. Other than that, this is the last post you’ll see from me tonight. 

Anything you recommend I read? Let me know in the comments below!

Otherwise, I’ll just be scrolling through the reader. Chao!

One thought on “Relaxation Wednesday

  1. I am sure almost every blogger will relate to your post.
    Having goals and routine are helpful, but goals and routine that are realistic to your schedule will help you enjoy blogging more.
    Enjoy what you are doing, it will help you to last longer as a blogger.


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