Sunday Devotional 12/30/18

I wrote this three years ago to a friend I had at the time. She was going through a hard time and it was causing her to have a negative outlook on life. She seemed to be forgetting about life’s greater purpose — or she never knew it. I wrote this to help her. Unfortunately, she did not see it that way and did not, it seems, accept my words as the truth. I found this in my archives today and with it being Sunday decided it appropriate to share with all of you… Hopefully this helps even just one person, the way it didn’t help my former friend.

Why must you torture yourself with these thoughts???
Don’t you know the devil speaks in your ear now, as you think this! Don’t you know your words are an echo of his. An echo. Nothing more.
AND DON’T YOU KNOW THERE’S A GREATER PLAN FOR YOU?!?! The Lord is good, almighty and powerful. He can do all things, He can even heal you. And He NEVER makes mistakes!
You are not an accident. Please know what I say is the truth. Love the Lord your God with all your heart. And put ALL your trust in Him.

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