Why I’ve Been Absent… :(

Let’s just say that January of 2019 has been one of the longest months of my life. This is for no other reason than my mind has been something of a mess. For no particular reason at all, depression has come out of nowhere and picked a fight with happy and motivated me. This happened sometime towards the beginning of December, and the two sides of me have been battling it out ever since. Now, hey, that’s not an excuse for anything, but it’s a reason. It’s a reason why I haven’t done crap and have been a lazy bum lately. I’ve been allowing depression to define me — not depression of the clinical, diagnosed variety, mind you. Just depressed feelings that can sometimes be crippling for me in a way that people can’t always see at face value. That may sound like the definition of clinical depression, but I’ve never been diagnosed, so I wouldn’t know for sure. What I do know is one day last week, right there in my cubicle at work, and again out of nowhere, I finally had enough and I said to God with my mind, “Please give me the strength to overcome this.” As resut of doing that, the most amazing thing happened. It wasn’t dramatic, you didn’t see pixie dust flying out of me, or sun rays magically shinning in on me like spotlights in a theater. I felt something in my heart, though. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was all I needed and it was real. It was a sense of peace: the beginning of hope. Obviously I didn’t stand up and suddenly start perfectly meeting all my goals — here we are today and this is the first time I’ve posted anything in what, two weeks? — but I knew in my heart that I could get myself back on track because I allowed God to come back into the picture. Daily communication with God is the key to get started with getting your life back on track. It is the first sytep in the journey to overcome your hardships. See, when I prayed, I truly gave my worries up to the Lord. The one way we can always give our worries and conflicts away is through Him. That’s where my sense of peace had come from, and it planted the seed. I’m still not in perfect condition, never will be, but I’m finally starting to get things done.

SO, in the spirit of getting things done, a couple of things for you here:

1)  I am going to continue doing my Sunday Devotional posts, which I’ve made a grand total of two posts thus far. What I’d like is some ideas from the WordPress world — my visitors, readers, and followers — on what subjects I should cover. The reason why is I don’t want to come off as preachy, or a know-it-all, I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to cram conflict down peoples’ throats. That, I don’t think, would make this a very favorable blog. Instead, I want to have discussions with other Christians, and even people of other faiths and beliefs that want to join in, and I want what we talk about to be helpful to people. So for this week I will gather any and all ideas I can get to prepare for next week. DO comment below with ANYTHING you think I should write about next Sunday!

2) You will see the remaining chapters of ‘Til The Death of Me in the coming weeks, starting on Tuesday and continuing with every following Thursday and Tuesday until it is finished. That means I am going to be doing A LOT of writing between today and tomorrow and my goal is to have the story finished by EOD (end of day) tomorrow. I’m very excited! So stay tuned at least on those days to find out where the story goes and how it ends up. 😀

Thanks for reading and see you all soon!

3 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Absent… :(

  1. I’ve been there! And prayer has got me through it, each and everytime.

    As far as your devotionals, why not let God speak to your heart and point you toward a topic? Or literally close your eyes and land your finger on a scripture and write am analytical about that scripture. Those will definitely get your juices flowing!

    Looking forward to Til The Death of Me, what is Ms. Megan getting into?

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