More Winter Snow in Az!

“…for nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own…” ~ Charles Dickens

Looks like the winter storm finally made its way to the West coast this past weekend… I went home to visit on Friday and saw more snow than I had ever seen in my entire life! — It was still less than a foot, mind you. 🙂 We had a grand time beholding it…

Anyhow, to address the elephant in the room, I know I haven’t been able to keep up with posts on this blog as of late. Life has a way of throwing monkey wrenches in your plans. Nevertheless, I do promise a comeback in the near future. There’s so much to catch up on! And there are several new ideas that I’ve written down and want to try out. Until then, stay tuned! As well, have a marvelous Monday. 🌼

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