365 Challenge

In the past, I’ve often found it hard to maintain at least one blog post per week. I either am too tired, have no free time on my hands, or I have no motivation. In an attempt to remedy that, I will be posting at least once every single day on this site for a year — three hundred and sixty-five days. It doesn’t matter if it’s several paragraphs or just one word. Every day, I will write something and share it. My three hunred and sixty-five days will start tomorrow. Stay tuned!

One thought on “365 Challenge

  1. I have managed to post daily for a while, but only because I use scheduling. When I have some time to write, instead of writing a long post, I will write several shorter ones and schedule them to be published on other days. I have posts in my schedule waiting to be published in June! It takes the pressure off when I go through difficult times when I do not have the time to write at all. It keeps my blog alive and kicking.

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