365 Challenge: Day 3/365

Some food for thought: My son is almost four months old. In reflection, I realize that the strangest experience I’ve had to date — as far as being a mother in general goes — would be how fast and how drastically my life has changed. And as I am still changing myself to catch up, I know that it was only yesterday when I cared about a lot of the things that just don’t matter anymore. Perhaps those things never did. Simply put, every single one of my needs and wants have taken a backseat to my little Danny boy. He is number-one priority now. Not that I’ve abandoned self-care altogether, just that I don’t have nearly as much time to tend to myself anymore. I care even less about drama and other people’s problems. What little family and friends I have left to see I don’t see very often anymore. Being a parent seems to really have a way with putting things into perspective. Maybe this is what growing up has always been about: Each time something major happens in your life, you start heading in a different direction than you expected to, you learn what really matters, and you grow in that truth.

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