Sunday Devotional: The Law Never Saved. Grace saved!

There’s a man on YouTube who calls himself Modern Renaissance Man. He’s got a great reaction channel but it’s not primarily a reaction channel. (*For those who don’t know what a reaction channel is, it’s where people react to other music/videos on YouTube while filming it from their phone/computer.) One of the topics he also likes to cover is Christian topics.

The video above is one of the Christian-topic videos that Modern Renaissance Man made earlier this month. It had been a live discussion in which he talked about the new year and how every year around that time, religious people declare that the end of the world is right around the corner. He shared his personal experience of when he had been terrified of the Y2K conspiracy because his religious leaders at the time were basically telling everyone to prepare for Armageddon. And then he brought up the Ten Commandments being taken out of schools and he made a memorable point (11:29 — 11:55) :

“The Ten Commandments being taken out of schools… Did that stop people from blowing up schools and shooting up schools and having sex in schools and bring in drugs –? The Ten Commandments being in there didn’t stop it… Jesus said he is going to put the laws and commandments in our hearts. [The tablet] is a whole different ballgame… It didn’t save nobody, anyway. The law never saved. Grace saved.”

Grace SAVES. We are all doomed to sin no matter what. Only through Jesus can we obtain salvation. It is in that way which we are all on an even playing field.

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