365 Challenge: Day 5/365

I usually don’t get political on this site…
It’s funny. I just recalled my former pen pal, who referred me to this site some years ago. She’s the reason why I’m here today. The reason why it’s funny is, in the end, she cut all ties with me because she couldn’t handle my answers to a certain series of questions, which were about what my thoughts were on the upcoming 2016 election and particularly what I thought about Donald Trump. When I answered her, she couldn’t handle my reply. Word to the wise: The two things you should NEVER discuss with family or friends if you value your relationships is… what, kids?
Anyhow, it doesn’t matter what my thoughts were at the time nor what they are now. Not for this occasion, anyway. The point to the backstory is that earlier this month, I came across a point of view that really stuck with me, and in fact, it may be the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard to date about our current president. No matter which end of the political spectrum you land on, if you are intelligible and reasonable, you have to agree with the overall point.
As I stated, this was earlier this month. I was listening to a podcast at work when suddenly, I heard the person make the following statement. I won’t put the person’s name in here because I want those of you reading this to maintain an objective mindset and not look at this with biased eyes:

“Barack Obama phrased obviously foolish moral ideas beautifully. Donald Trump phrases good moral ideas poorly. I’d much rather have the latter than have the former because in the end, the content of the moral ideas implemented in the world, the content of the useful defense ideas implemented in the world is much more important than how they are articulated.”

In other words, talk is cheap. Now, hear me out. What is being drawn here is the clear line between the former president and the current president. Barack Obama didn’t just get elected into office because he is black. He was elected because his promises to the American people sounded great to most and were very well spoken. Just looking at the facts, and nothing else, as we moved forward with Obama, not many of his promises have been fufilled. Does “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” ring a bell to anyone?
On the same token, President Trump does have some scandalous things in his past and doesn’t always say/tweet the things that he needs to. Looking back on his campaign, though, one can count several of the promises he made that he has fufilled in this first term in office. One can also see the current effort being made in fulfilling more of those promises. The most recent being that the United States will never suffer another Benghazi event. So with that all being said, which would you rather have — a leader who tells you what you WANT to hear with no real intentions of making it come true, or a leader who tells you what you NEED to hear, doesn’t sugar-coat it with political correctness, and backs up what he says?
In conclusion, three things cannot be denied: #1: Trump has done lot of the things he said he was going to do. #2: Obama has not. #3: An honest, predictable leader that actually represents the people of this great nation is far better than an outright liar who would rather play politics for himself… I’ll let you decide for yourself who is which.

3 thoughts on “365 Challenge: Day 5/365

  1. I am politically neutral. But if I did have any political leanings, I would be terrified of voicing them on social media. There seems to be a lot of deep feeling around and I have observed some of the discourteous exchanges from those with opposing views.
    Here in the UK, politics has been on a rollercoaster ride these past few years. There’s been all sorts of twists and loops. I think it’s a ride that a lot of people wanted to end a long time ago. There have been some very strong feelings from people about what they want, and what they think needs to happen to get it.


      1. That’s kind of you to say. I don’t consider myself a being of one country. I see myself as a member of the human family. I am sure our Creator’s Kingdom will restore all the damage.


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