365 Challenge: Day 6/365

Hi, I’m Denae Gates and I am a Christian person. I curse a lot. I judge others at times when I shouldn’t. I do a lot of things that The Bible specifically instructs not to. I also know who Jesus Christ is: my best friend and my Lord and savior. I believe that while The Bible says to spread God’s word and sing songs about Him, it doesn’t say to tell others what they need to do or how to live their lives. If I believed anybody capable of that, then I’d have to believe they are Jesus themselves. When in doubt, I ask for God’s help. I pray for our leaders and for this world when I get a mind to. Sometimes I do for my family/friends. Most of the time, I pray for something I want. I know, however, that no one gets to the Father but through the Son. I have a relationship with the Son which I will let no one ever define for me…. Let me say that again: I have a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus that NO ONE has or will ever define for me! And I believe Jesus is God.
THAT’S what a Christian is. It’s not a church-going, Bible-thumping, ruler-cracking, fire-and-brimstone, hypocritical ASSHOLE. If that’s the way we’ve been represented to you, then I’m sorry. Most of us you hardly ever hear a peep out of if you even know we’re Christian. And let me just say this really quick: There is nothing wrong with being a regular churchgoer. But there is something wrong with being a regular churchgoer that treats other people that aren’t regular churchgoers like garbage, like they’re below you. I’ve experienced that first-hand. That’s why my parents never made me go to church in the tight-knit community I grew up in. But I digress. It doesn’t make me any less a Christian that I don’t go. It makes me sad that there’s a lot of self-proclaimed Christians out there who think one needs a house of worship to be saved, even sadder that my hometown is turning into one of those places with a church on every corner. I guess I digress there too since there’s nothing much I can do about it.
I hope I don’t live to see the day when, here in America, people are regularly harassed, bullied, and assaulted for wearing a cross around their necks or Jesus on their T-shirts. I hope my children don’t, either. Nevertheless, I can’t ignore how our society has become more critical and less protective of Christians. I don’t even care what you think about Christians or Christianity, or how you express that view. I will care when your beliefs cross over into my lane and start threatening my way of life. You can call it a religion all you want. But if you don’t respect me for my beliefs, then you’re no friend of mine.
Rant over.

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