365 Challenge: Day 10/365

I think it’s official: Upchurch and Adam Calhoun are my two favorite rappers right now. Which one of them do I like the most? That depends on the day. There’s a slight difference between the two that I can’t quite name but I can describe.
Upchurch’s music tends to be inspiring, something one can “vibe” to or in other words, just sit back, relax and think. Just the other day, I was at work when some new guy sitting across the aisle from my cubicle started slacking off — saying “It’s almost lunchtime” and “I don’t even wanna do this anymore.” When I turned on my music to drown out the Debby-Downer, I picked “Tunnel Vision” by Upchurch:
“I went to sleep broke as fuck
Dreaming of a better life
With a barely running truck,
With a flashing fuel light
Waking up to dead-end jobs
That I didn’t even like
Tunnel vision to the bullshit
That gets thrown at me in life, yeah
Tunnel vision
Tunnel vision…”
There are a couple or so of his songs that remind me of where I’m from and give me a sense of pride. One example is “My Neck Of The Woods.” And there are those crazier “hype” tracks like “Hillbilly” and “Yz,” with “Yz” being his most popular rap track so far.
Adam Calhoun takes the cake on crazy, though. Adam’s lyrics have that edginess to them. There’s not a song I’ve heard of his that hasn’t made me want to go out and kick some you-know-what. The best example I can think of to date that really shows how crazy he is is called “RAP SHXT.”  I suppose if I had to choose the least crazy-sounding one in his arsenal it would have to be “Clean Money,” which is blue collar through and through and a lot of working class citizens relate to. Here’s a sample of that one:
“Hard work (Hard work), dirty hands (Dirty hands)
Clean money, oh Lord yeah
Tough shit, hard work everyday
I ain’t got a lot but at least I’m gettin’ paid (Gettin’ paid)…”
This music isn’t for everyone. If you’re going to listen to it for the first time and only allow yourself to hear it for ten seconds before turning it off and dismissing it, then you are not my chosen audience. These guys are Country rappers but in reality it’s just Rap. The artists happen to be coming from an entirely different culture than what is typically found in Rap: rednecks, hillbillies, blue collar, country people, whatever you wish to call them. They are legitimate artists independent from the mainstream record labels. So if you’re into trying new things and broadening your horizon, just give Ryan and Adam a chance.

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