Little Bear 🐻

Little bear of mine, I cannot wait to see who you become as you grow up. I wonder, what will your voice sound like? I can see you now: running around the house, repeating the sayings and the songs your father and I teach you, asking us to read you your favorite story from the Bible. You are so sweet and innocent that it hurts. I know, one day when you’re grown I will be looking back on these days and missing them. That’s why I’m taking it all in as much as I can. I’m hugging you close. I am with you always, when I’m not at work. With every one of your accomplishments, I swell with pride greater than what I ever could feel for myself. How lucky I am that I get to enjoy that feeling for the rest of your life… For even when I’m not here anymore, son, I will still be right there.

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