365 Challenge: Day 21-22/365

DAY 21

Social media is a funny little thing. In reality, it helps us to be the grandest of hypocrites. How, you ask? Simple. We’re able to look other people up on our friends list, see what they’re doing, and judge them from afar for behaving in the same manner that we do. We don’t post  pictures and videos of ourselves doing something interesting or going to an interesting place just for the memories, or to keep family members we don’t see often anymore in the loop. We want those likes, the reactions, the [italicized] attention. It feels good. And what we judge others for is wanting the same attention but just trying to earn it in a different way. I’m not about to get preachy, just thought I’d stop in to quickly point something out. I will say this… The more breaks we take from this damnable internet, the better.

DAY 22

Birth rates are plumeting, going down,’cause
On the nuclear family, they frown…

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