365 Challenge: Day 23/365: A Personal Journal Entry

Fri, Feb 14, 2020
A thought occured to me on this day while I was sitting at work… This whole time, I’ve been thinking that the experience of birthing my son was a blessing because it was so easy. He was small, labor wasn’t long, and recovery wasn’t difficult — For one thing, I hadn’t torn. Now I’m thinking, maybe it was just beginner’s luck… I feel that I will have one more child. At the same time, a voice in the back of my mind tells me it will be no picnic. Maybe, as a woman, I owe it to countless other women to endure what they have upon bringing their babies full to term and then giving birth. Mine was four pounds. Theirs were eight-to-ten pounds. It hardly seems fair. I don’t know yet why I have these thoughts… Somehow, I know I will find out in time.

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