Whatever You Do…

STOP being negative! It never helped anyone. When you’re feeling down, seek positive energy. Remember not to take your emotions out on someone else. Remember also that your mind is trainable and you can be happy if you chose to.
Do something each day that makes you happy. Eat something good. Read a good book. Listen to upbeat music. Pray, meditate, excercise, take cool showers… The possibilities are endless!
Plan fun events with loved ones. Save up for something you want. Look forward to the future. In 2020, make it a goal to be the type of person who gives off good vibes no matter how they’re feeling inside. If someone is not giving off good vibes, distance yourself from them. Don’t be afraid to shed dead weight if it comes down to that. You are only as good as those you hang around… So chose your friends wisely.
More importantly, know this: You are the only thing standing in the way of all you want to accomplish in life. But nothing changes if nothing changes. And it starts with you. So be the change you want to see.

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