365 Challenge: Day 26/365: Food For Thought 🥑🥨🥩🧇🥓🍔🍟

Years ago, when we were kids, my friend at the time told my brothers and I, ‘You guys laugh at stupid stuff!’ That stuck with me over the years.  I think it’s because my brothers and I have always and will always laugh at stupid stuff. I think that stupid stuff is meant to be laughed at. And isn’t laughter the best medicine? Doesn’t it take more energy to look down on others for what they’re laughing at, than to just laugh with them? Just like it takes more energy to frown than to smile? Guess that’s just some food for thought…
If someone ever tells you that your sense of humor is stupid..  Just say, ‘I know.’ And then keep on laughing. 🌻💙

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