Let me just address this head-on: I know this wasn’t the first time I came up short on Devotional Sunday. And I know it’s at least the second time that I’ve gone a day or two without posting anything for the 365 Day Challenge. I’m only human, though, and humans are not perfect. I try not to make excuses for myself, but just as an FYI, I was in driving school all day yesterday… No, it’s not what you probably think,  I didn’t commit a traffic violation. I’ve actually never been a legal driver and never have I ever driven in a town or city. Just on back country roads. I was at school yesterday to become a legal driver. More on that later.
The point is that I actually have a Sunday post ready and would have posted it yesterday if I had even a moment to. As it turns out, I didn’t. Why I didn’t scedule it beforehand, I don’t know.  But I will make up for it at some point today and it will be dubbed “Weekly Devotional” for this week’s purposes. Also, 2 posts will go up to try and catch up as much as humanly possible in the 365 Challenge.
IN ADDITION, I know that I said a couple weeks back that I predicted I would be finishing up with the story, “Til’ The Death Of Me.” My prediction was wrong. I’m trying hard to make time to get it done and schedule the posts for the remaining chapters. So please, if you are anxiously awaiting, be a little more patient!

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