Weekly Devotional: 3/9/20

One morning, as I was on my way to work with my friend, we were listening to a local radio station that played mostly “soft Rock” music. Oftentimes in-between songs, radio hosts have monologues. This particular monologue had to be about religion. I don’t remember what the man had to say about it, but the radio host’s comments were basically stating how stupid he thought Christianity was. As always, comments like that make me cringe inside. I knew better than to comment, though. My friend, who was driving us to work in his vehicle, is agnostic at best. So I kept to myself, thinking the radio man would surely move on to a new subject soon enough. But did he do that? Of course not. As he continued to arrogantly bash Christianity, I finally had enough and spoke my mind.

“This guy’s an idiot!”

My friend changed the radio station — for my benefit or his, I don’t rightfully know — and as he did so, he explained that, from his perspective, there’s different parts of The Bible that he actually found that “contradict” each other. I’ve always wanted to do an exercise whereas I explore that possibility…

The Holy Bible: Just a book? A waste of time? Belongs in the “Fiction” section of public libraries? Or the greatest collection of work mankind will ever craft? Oftentimes, nonbelievers say things like, “The Bible has a lot of inconsistencies” and other criticisms of that nature. Here’s the truth: No matter what you believe, there very useful gems of wisdom that can be found throughout the Good Book that not only we can use in our every day lives, but we do use whether we realize it or not.

There are a number of different Bible gems that I will be pulling right from scripture and sharing with you all over the next several Sunday Devotional sessions. I will also be exploring the different popular criticisms that people have about the Bible, educating myself on them, and sharing with you my responses for each. I believe I will be attaching my responses within the same posts but we’ll see. So sttay tuned for that. The 🌻💙

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