I’m Back!

For those who have been concerned about Denae’s Peices 2.0 and wondering where I’ve been all this time, allow me to explain. In a nutshell, at first, it was just being busy and dealing with the ongoing pandemic that has changed everyone’s lives. Then came the deaths of Amahd Aburey and George Floyd, among others ( like David Dorn and Cannon Hinnant). This country just seemed completely torn apart by the extremely politically charged atmosphere that has followed these events. It’s hard to find true motivation and inspiration when the world around you is weighing you down.

YET, now that the Presidential Election of 2020 is all but over, the chaos has seemed to subside a bit. Funny, how that works. More improtantly, I have found my inspiration to write again! So here I am!

I Made Some Changes…

Now, allow me to address some changes that I’ve recently made to the blog — unless you couldn’t care less, then you can skip this part. Obviously, there’s been some appearance changes as well as a name change. This is due to a decision I’ve made about what I want the content of this blog to consist of moving forward. The new focus will be on physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health. More specifically, I just want to write about my experiences, thoughts, and things that I find in each of these categories. My hope is to help others as well as myself with every post I share. My stories aren’t going to dissappear, though.

So What’s The Plan?

Instead of erasing the progress I’ve made with ‘Til The Death of Me’ and other projects I’ve been working on, I’m going to rewrite them, finish them, and then move them to another blog. That blog, I imagine, will be mailny for all of my Fiction writings. Once I create it. What else is to come: I will start writing for this blog again by next week, restarting the 365 Challenge — Except this time, I won’t be adding titles to these posts. *For anyone who needs to be reminded, the “365-Day Chellenge” was something I made up as a way to keep me posting every single day, even if it was just a single quote.* I will also continue doing faith-based posts every Sunday, as that is a part of spiritual health.

So that’s it for now, readers. Stay tuned for next week.

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