The Fire Within

In this exerpt from Find Your Path by Carrie Underwood, we learn about the singer’s experience in dealing with online trolls in the earliest days of her career. Back in 2005, sites like Facebook were hardly even heard of. Message boards were what people relied on to communicate. On those message boards, Carrie, as well as others she was competing with, saw many overly critical and even mean things being said about them. Namely, the commenters touched on how they sang and how they looked. Carrie saw comments about how weird her nails looked and yes, how “fat” she looked as well. (As if!)

“Every night after rehearsal, back at the apartment, we would all log in to see what people were saying. We didn’t want to read those mean comments, but we couldn’t stop ourselves. And some of the negative comments about me really made an impression — in particular ‘Carrie’s getting fat’ and ‘What is up with her fingernails?’ “

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood in 2005

In the book, Underwood shares more than just a negative experience from her past. Rather, she opens up about how she turned the negativity into positive energy that helped her make changes in her life. “First, I’d been a fingernail biter all my life, and those comments about my nails made me quit biting them, right then and there. And second, I realized my pants were a lot tighter… I did have less energy… I wasn’t feeling that great or weathering the stress of the show all that well.” Not to excuse the mean-heartedness of the online strangers, Underwood now looks at that part of her life as a time when she received a great awakening: The realization that in order to acheive happiness in her line of business, she truly needed to change her lifestyle. “It wasn’t so much vanity as wanting to feel like myself again.”

“I wanted to live according to my values and career goals. I wanted to look and be healthy… Those message boards lit a fire under me, and it was like I unearthed my old forgotten dream, dusted it off, and reinstated it in my head. That gave me a new vision for how I wanted to present myself and take care of myself. It was the best and most effective motivation I had ever exprienced.”


And so began the famous singer/songwriter’s simultaneous journey to true health. It was a journey she might still consider herself to be on today. One thing’s for sure, it’s been a journey that provided her all of the grand jewls of wisdom she now shares in her first self-penned 333 page guide to help others.

Carrie Underwood 2020

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