My Best Friend Tumeric

Okay. First of all, it’s an expression. Tumeric is not literally my best friend. I wasn’t sure how many of you out there would get the gist and how many of you wouldn’t. So I decided to clear the air for all just in case… I have friends… Real friends… I’m not a weirdo.

ANYHOW, tumeric — for those who are foreign to it — is an orange colored herb that you can buy at just about any store. It has several health benefits including but not limited to liver cleansing and treating arthritis. I was first introduced to its benefits by my real human friend, Christina.

To make a long story short…

Two Summers ago, I needed a cheap and quick way to treat acne when Christina discovered a face mask I could try. You guessed it: There was tumeric in it. And the tumeric in my homemade concoction was what saved the day for me. I ended up with very clear and beautiful looking skin.

These days, I use a face mask made of yogurt, honey, and tumeric. It not only clears up the blemishes, it leaves my skin with a healthy glow. I recommend it for everybody. Although the original recipe for it calls for flour, I never found myself needing to add that. To each their own. Admittedly, I don’t put on the mask every day. Just every other day or so, so as not to dry up my skin and create more breakouts. I also recommend taking tumeric internally via supplement pills, another thing I do regularly. Below is a more expanded list of tumeric’s plentiful health benefits. I hope this helps someone in their research.

Weight loss

Weight regain prevention


Heart Disease

Eye Conditions

Skin Conditions

Brain Food




Cancer Prevention

Stress Relief

Diabetes symptoms

Lower Cholesterol

Immune System

Headache Prevention

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