Get Moving!

By now, you’ve probably caught on that I’m reading Carrie Underwood’s debut book Find Your Path. And if you’re like me, you aren’t very active and you haven’t been eating right. So pay attention to this excerpt from page 31 titled “Getting Started with Fitness.” It’s what helped me get the inspiration I needed to re-enter this game we play of health and fitness.

“These are my two most important pieces of advice for anyone who is just starting to think about getting healthier: Get moving and make healthy food swaps.Just doing these two things will make a real difference if you are currently not moving much and aren’t eating well.”

I like this little section of the chapter perhaps the most. It provides some real-world examples, based on personal experience, of the things I could be doing to improve my health. As suggested, I could go for a ten-minute walk. Which I started doing that every day since the beginning of the week. For food-swap ideas, Underwood suggested trading white pasta for whole-grain pasta, butter for olive oil, or a beef-and-bacon burger for a veggie burger. I’ve actually been using zuccini noodles as a replacement for the pasta we used to buy. I’ve always loved olive oil so I now use that instead of butter for almost everything I eat that needs it. And since I love Ramen, I will be looking for a healthy replacement called Dr. McDougall’s — courtesy of page 32 — at the store today.

My Current Exercise Routine

In addition to walking every afternoon, I’ve also recently resorted to doing smaller exercises in my house. I do what’s called a “30 Day Plank Challenge,” an idea I found on Pinterest . Almost every other day, I have to do planks for a little bit longer. I used to do them a lot, back when I was more in shape. This is my way of easing back in the saddle, so to speak.

Another form of exercise I do is a “30 Day Butt Challenge,” also found on Pinterest, and it’s the same idea of doing a little more every other day. It’s nothing fancy, just some squats and lunges. 20 squats and 15 lunges are about all my legs can handle right now. Then I just finish off my custom routine with 50 crunches, which if I’m being honest, I only started doing yesterday. Abs are a-whole-nother animal. That’s going to be the real challenge for me.

My Goals

I don’t know if this is obvious or not… I am overweight. Some of it has to do with giving birth to my first child. But a lot of it has to do with my lifestyle choices. I would love to lose my love handles, low gut, flabby arms, chunky butt, and fat thighs. All of which is more than you needed to know. On top of that, I want to be healthy and feel healthy. I want to look good and feel good. I want to fit more comfortably in the new sexy outfit I just bought from Victoria’s Secret. Looking at the pictures of the online models wearing my garmets, I want to feel like I’ve accomplished looking more like them, in a way. And of course, with love being in the air at this time of year, I want to look as good as I can for my husband on Valentine’s Day. ❤ I’m hoping that the plan I’ve set up for myself provides a stepping stone towards… Well, all of that.

“Start where you are right now and decide to move forward at your own pace.”

Carrie Underwood

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