My Home

Last month, I took a walk just hours after it had snowed. This is what I saw right outside my front door:

Of course, the pictures taken from my cell phone do no justice for the real thing. In the first photograph, the dirt drive which turns left at the very end is the path I go when I take my walks. With my companion Lulu on her leash next to me, I battle the neighbor’s dogs on my way to a long dirt road. This long dirt road leads to our mailboxes and intersects with the highway. It’s nothing interesting or exciting, maybe, but it’s me. In the times we’re in, it’s not exactly easy to go out there and take neat pictures for your blog that will gain a lot of attention. I have my moments when I wish I could do more interesting things and just get out of the house more. Most of the time, being completely honest, I feel content and grateful. This is my life right now and there is a reason for that. It won’t be like this for long. So I may as well enjoy it now.

Heading eastbound towards the mountains you see above, I get to the point in my walk where I am surrounded by nothing but nature. It’s beautiful and theraputic. I get a sense of openness and freedom. My mind is cleared. I feel healthier, it’s good exercise. At this point in my life, I’ve seen just about all of the beauty the southwest desert has to offer. And I can never get enough of it. If I have the opportunity to go on a “nature walk” every day, I figure, why waste it? I’m just proud and blessed to be here.

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