The Unseen

Here’s a good exercise. At least, it was a good exercise for me.
Think of 5 phenomena or concepts (you can add more, if possible) that we all believe to be real without being able to see them. These are things that are not tangible in the same way that physical objects are. We experience them differently. We feel them working, we see their aftermath. That’s how we know they’re real. As you think of these things, write them down. Below is my list. Try to think of more that you would add to the list.
1. Oxygen
2. Wind
3. Gravity
4. Depression/Anger/Stress
5. Love
Once you’ve made your list, compare it with the things you believe in that maybe you or others have questioned. It can be your religious faith, faith in yourself, or any other convictions you may have. Do you have the same amount of faith in that as you do the things on your list?
Hopefully, you get the concept. There are many forcess at work in the world that remain unseen. Yet we accept that they are there. In the meantime, there’s still much about our world and universe that we haven’t discovered. So do not be afraid to have faith in the unseen.

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