Fight Cabin Fever!

The weather outside has been ugly lately. A lot of us have been inside our homes probably for that reason alone. A large amount of time indoors without seeing the sun or breathing in fresh air can make a person crazy. As someone who is at home pretty much all the time these days, I’ve definitely been feeling the effects from not going outside. Here are some things I’ve been doing about that, so that I do not go crazy myself. I’d like to think they’ve been helping and I’d like to think that they’ll help you as well!

Color or Draw

If you’re like me, you have little to no artistic ability whatsoever and would rather color than draw. I like to watch satisfying videos of people drawing things or restoring rusted out items or doing other artistic things. So there is another option. Nevertheless — and I know it sounds silly — I got these little activity booklets in my stocking for Christmas (like little kids do). I like to color in those from time to time. I’m a coloring book kind of gal but at this time I don’t have one in the house. Whatever you’re good at, start working on it and make it beautiful. It’s a great passer of time and it will leave you feeling satisfied.


Writing is a wonderful thing to do, namely because it has so many different purposes. You can write to-do lists, recipes, songs, or any thoughts or feelings you might be having that are hard to express. Some people still keep personal journals in which they write in periodically for a variety of purposes. I always keep one myself. Some people need to write things down to keep their thoughts organized. At any rate, if you find yourself at home with nothing to do, and you are a fellow writer… What are you waiting for? Write a story, a novel. Create a writing blog. DO WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!

Read Something Good

Whatever “something good” means to you, that’s what you should go for. It makes no sense to try and force yourself to read something you have no interest in. Even if you detest reading, like I did until the sixth grade, when I found a book titled “Killer Dreams,” find something on a topic that appeals to you. Maybe you want to learn more in that topic. Maybe you just want to be entertained. Just don’t knock reading until you’ve tried it. For me personally, once I get into a good book, the next time I look up could be one or two hours later.

This is my bookshelf as it sits in my livingroom now. If it looks disorganized, that’s because it is. Shame on me, I know. As you can see, there is quite a variety of subjects that I like to read about.


There are many different indoor workouts to find and try out. Too many for me to count, coming from dozens of different sources. The internet alone is home to several. Even if you don’t exercise, it’s something to do that’s better than eating potato chips on the couch while watching hours of mind-numbing television. (Although, that’s fun too.) At right is a screenshot from Instagram. More specifically, it’s an image shared by Mike Fisher on his Instagram story. He and his wife are part of a program called Fit52.

Watch Educational Shows

Even though pointless Tv is frowned upon here (not really), there are plenty of different channels that offer education to its viewers. Some of those shows I’ve covered already on this blog. Be it something you had no idea about, or something you thought you knew everything there is to know about, albeit new information is out there. Pick a true crime documentary, like Making A Murderer or Tiger King on Netflix. Pick a nature series from Discovery Plus or learn about how the West was made on the History Vault app (or the History channel if you have cable). You get the idea. There is an abundance of subjects to look into. Don’t just watch, though. Absorb the information you are given and try to learn at least one new thing from the film. You can even make it your while and take notes throughout, then review your findings afterward. But maybe that last idea is reserved for nerds like me.

Do Chores

It’s the last thing on our to-do list for a reason. But let’s be honest: They have to be done. And what better opportunity is there to get chores done than on a day off? Take this opportunity to catch up on everything from dishes to dusting and make the house look spiffy again. May I suggest singing or listening to music while you do it? It really does help to pass the time.

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