Do Not Waste Your Time Arguing With Nonbelievers

There is a channel on Youtube that I am subscribed to called Modern Renaissance Man. On the channel, a man named Tylian Smith does various things that include music reactions, comedy videos, and live discussions about politics and faith/God topics. In one of his more recent live discussions, Tylian Smith talked about the perspective that Donald Trump actually incited the violence at Capital Hill back in January. Without getting into any politics, this piece is actually about one of the tangents that MRM would go on during the discussion. At one point in the video, the topic became more geared towards free speech and one of the channel’s purposes. “Those who stand for truth and righteousness MUST connect with those that are like-minded,” Tylian said. He seemed to be reading a quote or passage from the Bible. He went on to substantiate this claim.

When he logs on to Youtube to post a new video for his channel with over 150,000 subscribers, MRM does not do it for the internet trolls. He has explained this time and time again. In the video in question, he explained, almost passionately: “When Jesus came along — Jesus came along and was talking to the people. He said, ‘He that hath ear, let them hear.’ So if I’m here, talking to people that’s like-minded, I don’t care about what everybody else is saying that’s against it! I do not care! I’m not here for them. I’m here for you. I’m here to encourage you, I’m here to lift you up, I’m here to show you the light.” I made that quote long because I think that it’s very important for any discouraged believer out there to take on that same attitude and mindset. We are not here on Earth living our lives to please others that don’t think like we do. We are not here to cater towards the ones who do not live like we do, nor them us. And we certainly do not have any requirement set upon our shoulders to convince each other of our beliefs. That’s just a common time-wasting activity that we all have engaged in a time or two. Some do it all the time but how draining does it feel afterwards? Pretty damned.

Let’s touch on like-minded people, since MRM mentions it twice in the excerpts I shared. When it comes to religious beliefs, spirituality, etc., discussing such beliefs with others of similar faith is a more helpful practice. I remember a time in high school when I joined a group called Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or FCA. What I liked the most about the club, other than the feeling of belonging, was the simplicity of it. We were just a small group of girls gathered in one of our teacher’s classrooms every Wednesday evening. We would take turns sharing whatever we wanted to about the Lord Jesus and worldly events and what that all meant to us. Juxstapose that experience with the morning my co-worker mentioned to me that the Bible has too many — What did he call them? Inconsistencies? — for his liking. It’s no contest. Not only is it more comfortable but as MRM mentioned, it’s encouraging and uplifting to talk about faith with other faithful persons who actually get it.

This next point that MRM a.k.a Tylian Smith made in his video is perhaps my favorite. He said if he gets a naysayer, he just says “Okay, thank you” to them. ” ‘I don’t understand, Ty,’ ” he mocked, displaying the ignorance of certain individuals that have messaged him in the past. ” ‘So I’m supposed to believe in an invisible fairy godfather up in the sky that doesn’t give a crap about society…’ No. You’re not supposed to. That’s why I’m not talking to you.” This is how you should handle trolls or hecklers, if you will. If you’re talking to a group of people or just having a conversation with someone, and another third party comes in and tries to make you look foolish because they don’t agree, just say, “Okay, thank you,” and move on. If they keep at it, let them know: “I wasn’t talking to you.” Socially, this is actually called being in higher status than the other person, a point that isn’t covered in the livestream but it’s something I’ve learned.

If you couldn’t already tell, I really like the Modern Renaissance Man channel on Youtube. I like the guy as well. We even follow each other on Instagram, which is pretty cool. No one of any fame to speak of has ever followed me (that I know of) before Tylian. I’m sure that he wouldn’t consider himself to be famous. He doesn’t come off as the type to see himself in that light. I mostly appreciate the man for the faith/God topics that he does on his channel. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the other content but Tylian has a way with encouraging me as a Christian that nobody else has. You might find his content to be useful in one way or another, too. So check out his channel as well as his Instagram: @m0dernrenaissanceman or Ty Smith.

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