David Harris Jr: “She said ‘yes’… again!!!”

I found this story online, told by a fairly popular man named David Harris Jr. I truly believe it will inspire countless people who read it and so I am helping to share it with the world…

Sunday, April 4, 2021

10 years ago I was strung out, on drugs, with no hopein site. My friend later told me that he could see death on me…

Jennifer moved out and took our girls for her safety and sanity. She filed for a legal separation. Our cars had been repo’d so she had to sell her wedding ring to buy a car for her and our girls… My addiction cost me my family, and then it almost cost me my life…

I felt alone, ashamed, unworthy of love and forgiveness… but I prayed. And I heard God say “go to church.”

I went. And my life was forever changed.

Three months later Jennifer and I got back together. She took me back!!!

10 years have passed and she was still wearing a cheap, imitation diamond wedding ring that I had bought for $300. It was time for an upgrade, and for me to ask if she’d marry me all over again… She said yes!!! And our daughters were there, which made the entire night complete!

That’s the resurrection power of Jesus friends!!! He resurrected our marriage, restored our family, and set us on a beautiful and amazing path… So no matter what you’re going through, pray! He is listening.

Thank you [Jennifer Harris] for never giving up on me, and for trusting God to see us through… Special thank you to our daughters… for helping me make this night special.

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