Do Not Waste Your Time Arguing With Nonbelievers

There is a channel on Youtube that I am subscribed to called Modern Renaissance Man. On the channel, a man named Tylian Smith does various things that include music reactions, comedy videos, and live discussions about politics and faith/God topics. In one of his more recent live discussions, Tylian Smith talked about the perspective that […]

The Unseen

Here’s a good exercise. At least, it was a good exercise for me. Think of 5 phenomena or concepts (you can add more, if possible) that we all believe to be real without being able to see them. These are things that are not tangible in the same way that physical objects are. We experience […]

Accept Your Own Humanity 💙🌻

You can’t “get rid” of everything that makes you imperfect. You’re a human being. There will always be something imperfect about you. 2. Technically, there is no “best” version of yourself. The best is always yet to come. You continue to improve (and worsen) until the day you die. And then, at that point, you […]