Sunday Devotional: The Law Never Saved. Grace saved!

There’s a man on YouTube who calls himself Modern Renaissance Man. He’s got a great reaction channel but it’s not primarily a reaction channel. (*For those who don’t know what a reaction channel is, it’s where people react to other music/videos on YouTube while filming it from their phone/computer.) One of the topics he also […]

Sunday Devotional: 2/3/19

If the night is long for you, whatever the reason, I found a neat article tonight that I hope will help. It lists several Bible quotes that remind us who is in charge and who is taking care of us.. A couple of standouts for me that were listed in the article: “The LORD […]

Weekly Motivation Post: 1/30/19 Activity Challenge

I just saw a video from Steve Harvey on Youtube that motivated me to make this post. Not only did I feel the call to share this message today, but I needed a way to make up for not making my Sunday Devotional post. I’m starting to think I should do the dovotional posts not […]