No New Posts Until Sunday

Hello there! I’m just stopping in on this fine Friday evening to let everyone know I will not be making a new post for today. Instead, I will be working super hard tomorrow to ensure a full week of posts starting on Sunday. Until then, have a great weekend. 👋

I’m Back!

For those who have been concerned about Denae’s Peices 2.0 and wondering where I’ve been all this time, allow me to explain. In a nutshell, at first, it was just being busy and dealing with the ongoing pandemic that has changed everyone’s lives. Then came the deaths of Amahd Aburey and George Floyd, among others […]


I’m a slave to both my jobs and it’s really been bringing me down because I have little time for anything else… Then there’s the Coronavirus Pandemic, which hasn’t made anything any easier. So I will have to suspend my posts on here until further notice.